what drives the online user to the intention of using digital touch points?

Are ads increasing our buy-ology by means of the collection of product categories?


It is underestimated how quickly we are encouraged to make choices by categorizing certain elements which we link to products or services. Advertisements contribute greatly to this process. Ads focus on the way in which we evaluate a brand, service or product.
Ads set a focus on the words or images which the product is associated with. Where the association will not occur naturally the advertisement will come to the rescue. As a result, several aspects of the product will be highlighted. Also certain attributes at the point of sale will be associated with the product.


The role of attributes


Attributes which are illustrated in the ad, add value to the way we will think about the brand, service or product.
By focusing the attention more on the attributes of the also the importance of these attributes will increase. The frame of reference with which we look at the product or service affects our perception of this product or service. We often evaluate the product or service on the basis of
– the attributes illustrated, and
– the manner in which we interpret these attributes.
Again, the way we evaluate the product is often based on the attributes illustrated in the ad. In addition, our evaluation also depends on the way we interpret these attributes.



The effect of advertising is reduced or completely absent when the attributes showed in the ad are not relevant to the person. The effect can be increased by strengthening the connection between the product and the product categories. As a result the advertisement will be more relevant. Also will the ad increase the choice of the product.
So find out which attributes consumers consider important when they use the product or service, and which categories they associate the product or service with.


Advertising and the mind of the consumer. What works, what doesn’t, and why.
Max Sutherland & Alice K. Sylvester
Second edition (2000). Allen & Unwin.



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