what drives the online user to the intention of using digital touch points?

Flamenco, an unusual way to recover the marketing strategy. A motivation.

People hardly speak about a recovery in marketing In the marketing group you almost hardly hear anyone say ‘I left and now I’m back’. I am amazed how little is … Lees verder

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Content Filteren: gevaarlijk en toch onvermijdelijk

Bedrijven doen veel moeite om ‘on top of the search’ te blijven, wegens de heftige concurrentie en de strategische marketing beslissingen en ze willen hogere resultaten boeken in de Search … Lees verder

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Social Media Expert: Broaden Your Horizon Beyond The 140 Characters

Have you ever taken a look at a twitter account that is based on a different language? For example someone from South America? Or a brand from China? Then you’ll … Lees verder

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Are ads increasing our buy-ology by means of the collection of product categories?

It is underestimated how quickly we are encouraged to make choices by categorizing certain elements which we link to products or services. Advertisements contribute greatly to this process. Ads focus … Lees verder

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Are the customers missing a checkout experience when shopping online?

    E-commerce is growing rapidly. Unfortunately it is not the same to say about the content of the online shopping bags or baskets that should go through the checkout. … Lees verder

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Are the luxury brands responding to their online visitors and online customers with the right user experience?

Not long ago I read two posts about the application of the user experience design on the websites of luxury brands, such as Hennesy, CHANEL, Givenchy and many others. Suddenly … Lees verder

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